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Cornucopia of Colors Collab August 31, 2008

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Well, the new month is here and that means it’s time for some new goodies.  I’ve joined the ADSDesigners in creating a HUGE collaberation MEGA kit to share with everyone…and the best part is that it’s all free.  There are so many amazing designers participating in this kit so be sure to check out all the link in the blog train below.  This is my first time joining in on this collab and I’m in awww of all the tallent here.  Please leave some love if ya grab my freebies 🙂

Here is my part of the mega collab…Cornucopia of Colors…

You can download my part here (there are 4 zip files…I have dial up and it makes it easier with small zips)

 Zip 1 –

     Zip 2 –

     Zip 3 –

     Zip 4 –

Ok…now that you’ve got my part, continue down the blog train for many more free goodies. Here’s the links to all of the participating designers…

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Shewww….life can be complicated! August 23, 2008

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I’ve been working at Walmart since August 8th.  I was hired as a people greeter, but I’ve also worked in the fitting room (answering a 5 line phone and transfering calls and paging over the intercom) and I’ve had to take returns back to where they belong on the floor.  I don’t mind putting up returns, that’s no big deal.  I just have to figure out where everything goes, lol.  I do NOT like that phone.  I don’t really talk on the phone a lot and I’ve never ran a multi-line phone like that.  It would be quite for 10 or 15 minutes and then I’d get 2 and 3 calls all at once.  It was confusing.  I finally got the hang of it near the end of my shift but I don’t want to do that again.  I might sound picky or whatever…but I was a nervous wreck by the time I left that night.  I don’t think it would have been so bad if I knew all the main people BUT it was just my 3rd night there.  I just prefer not to have to do that again at least until I get to know people there better. 
     I had to leave an hour early last night to take Miranda to the hospital.  I hated having to leave but she was misserable.  She wouldn’t eat or sleep and she was pulling at her ears so I figured she had an ear infection.  Sure enough…both ears were infected.  She also has a cold and is trying to cut two teeth.  My baby has been misserable.  Right now she’s playing with Katie so I think she’s starting to feel better.  I hope so.  She hasn’t slept well for two days.  They gave her antibiotics.  Well, gotta run…she’s cryin 4 me again 😦


New CU Freebie – Flower Patch August 11, 2008

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I’ve made a new freebie for everyone.  It was made for the color challenge at Digital Scrapbooking dot Org.  I fell inlove with these colors.  They are beautiful!  Here a preview of the kit.  The links to 4Shared are below the preview.  I’d love you see what you create with my kit 🙂  If you can, please leave a comment and link to your layout.  It’s not required though.

You can pick this kit up here:

Zip 1 –

Zip 2 –

Zip 3 –

Zip 4 –

Zip 5 –


I survived my first day :) August 9, 2008

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Yesterday was my first day at work.  I am now the People Greeter at my local WalMart.  I haven’t been trained for that yet.  I spent all day yesterday doing orientation and a bunch of reading and quizes on the computer.  Man…there’s a ton of them.  I hope to finish them up tomorrow so I can start my actual job.  I’m still nervous about it though.  I don’t think it will be too bad, just dread the very beginning and getting the hang of it.  I’m good at smiling and being friendly so that part is down path, lol.  Just gotta check merchandise if the alarm goes off.  I am so glad I got the job though, we need some extra income soooo bad.  Now I can pull some of the weight of finacial burden off my husband.  It’s hard with three kids but we make ends meet the best we can.  Hopefully, it won’t be quite so hard now.  I just miss my babies when I’m working.  But I know I’m helping them too.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that several days next week I have to work 4 till 11 and I’ll go pick Marie and Katie up for school and bring them to my m-i-l and get their homework out for her to help them because I’ll have to get to work.  I’m glad she’s gonna help me with them.  Well, better run.  I’ve been working on a freebie kit for a color challenge at Digital Scrapbooking dot Org.  I love the colors and am having fun playing with them.


3 Newest Layouts August 6, 2008

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Adventure layout credits can be found here

Katelynn May credits can be found here

The Taste of Nature layout credits can be found here


Wow, I should blog more often

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I noticed it’s been quite a while since I last blogged so I thought I’d jump in here and do it.  I can’t believe summer is almost over.  It’s been an interesting one for sure.  This year I took my girls to see fireworks for the first time.  They also got to go to the pool and a carnival for the first time.  I guess you could say we’ve had a summer of firsts.  My husband usually tells me I can’t go or comes up with some lame excuse why I can’t but this year I didn’t ask.  I just said we’re going here on this day and took them 🙂  They’re too big to be sitting home all summer doing nothing.  They loved the fireworks.  One of Katie’s friends from school showed up and she got to watch the fireworks with us.  One of Marie’s friends was there too and his family sat beside of us.  I hadn’t seen real fireworks in about 8 or 9 years so it was a real treat for me too.  We also watched a tire burn-out earlier that day that was interesting.  My husband would have LOVED that but he didn’t want to go with us.  His mom went.  Two of her brothers had vehicles in the burn out.  They really ‘smoked um’ too.  One of uncle Ken’s tired busted because he burned them so long.  Honaker (VA) had a beautiful firework display.  I had never been down there to watch them but I’ll be going every year now.  It was amazing. 
   The carnival was a big hit too.  Katie was just barely 42″ tall but she got to ride all but one of the rides without me.  I couldn’t tell you how many times I had to walk up the steps to slide down this huge slide.  They said she was a bit too short to ride it alone.  I think I lost a couple pounds that day, lol.  But we had tons of fun so it was worth it.
   I’ll have to post the layouts I’ve made of our summer fun.  I am working on an album of just this summer.  Soon, school will be going back and the pool will close.  I found out today what teacher my girls are getting.  Katie will be in Ms. Vanessa Hess’s class.  I’m glad because Marie had her for kindergarten and I really liked her.  Marie will be in Ms. Tracy’s room.  I don’t really know her yet but I haven’t heard any complaints about her, so that’s good, lol.  I dread to see the summer go but I’m excited about school too.  I need that schedule to add structure to my life, I guess you could say.  Maybe I’ll get to do more scrappin and cleaning when they’re in school.  I’m supposed to start working soon though and don’t yet know what my hours will be.  I got the job as exit/greeter at my local walmart.  I really need the money so I’m excited about it.  Well, I’ll quit rambling now and get back to this fall kit I’ve been working on.  I’ll be back in a bit to post some new layouts I’ve made.  I just have to upload them to photo bucket first.  Later 🙂