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When it rains…it pours! September 21, 2008

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Wow, so much crap has been happening lately.  Sometimes I feel like my head is spinning.  Scrapping usually calms me but I’ve not had time to create much.  My grandmother had to have major surgery Friday and I’ve been worried to death about her.  He had to have a mastectomy (second one), lymph nodes removed and a tumor removed from her shoulder blade.  Luckily, she pulled through the surgery well but she was put in ICU for close observation because she was having chest pains after the surgery.  She’s doing better now and out of ICU so hopefullyro it’s uphill from here. 
Another issue I have going on right now…I had a copper IUD put in 5 months ago to prevent any more suprises, lol.  Well, it came out Friday night and I’m devestated about it.  Here I was thinking I had 10 years to decide if we were going to have another baby and the thing just came out!  Now I have to call my doctor’s office tomorrow (because they’re not open on the weekends) and try to get in to see them.  I hope it didn’t cause any damage coming out, sorry if TMI, but I can’t help but worry.  I think I can get another one but I’m not real sure.  But of course I’ll have to go through that pain again.  I’m so upset!!!!! 
Marie (my oldest in 2nd grade) will start an after school tutoring program tomorrow.  I hate the idea of making her go to school until 5 in the evening BUT she just does not care about school this year.  I can finally get her to do her homework but she doesn’t do it to remember it to pass her tests.  I was proud of her Friday though, she did excellent on her spelling test this week.  She made 102 on it!  I was tickled to death with that grade but she got a 50 on her vocabulary test and a 70 (which is passing) on her reading test.  I was going over her vocab test with her and asked her why did she put the answers that she did.  Her answer to me was this, “Well, Mommy, that’s what Jordan was saying to write.”  So my child was cheating and failed.  She cheated once last year on a test and I thought we had an understanding that you can’t do that but I guess she was tempted and did it again.  I can’t help but wonder what the other girl made on her test, lol.  I told Marie not to do that anymore.  She knew those words and definitions better than that.  For example, she put the word Cattle for the definition…not working; damaged – and the word safety for the definition…cows, bulls, and steers raised for their milk, meat and hides.  Kinda funny when you think about it but the big 50/F on her paper looks really bad.  Oh well, I just hope tutoring helps her.  I want her to do good in school and at least try.  All of her friends will be going to a different school next year and if she fails she’ll be staying at Givens Elementary.  She just said to me one day…”I don’t care mommy, I’ll make new friends.”  What can you say to that?!  She just doesn’t care.  So, tutoring here she comes. 
Well, I gotta run and get ready for work.  I hope this evening isn’t as busy as yesterday evening.  There were soooooo many people at Walmart yesterday.


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