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New Freebie September 6, 2008

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I have a new freebie called Boy Bundle.  I loved the colors from my Flower Patch freebie and thought that since it was a girly kit I would make one good for boys with the same colors.  Here is what I came up with…

Here’s the link to the 4shared folder that you will find the 5 zips to this kit.  I have dial up so I have to break it down to small zips so that I can upload pieces without being interupted by phone calls and aol restarting on me.

CU is allowed, you can read my TOU in each zip.


Cornucopia of Colors Collab August 31, 2008

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Well, the new month is here and that means it’s time for some new goodies.  I’ve joined the ADSDesigners in creating a HUGE collaberation MEGA kit to share with everyone…and the best part is that it’s all free.  There are so many amazing designers participating in this kit so be sure to check out all the link in the blog train below.  This is my first time joining in on this collab and I’m in awww of all the tallent here.  Please leave some love if ya grab my freebies 🙂

Here is my part of the mega collab…Cornucopia of Colors…

You can download my part here (there are 4 zip files…I have dial up and it makes it easier with small zips)

 Zip 1 –

     Zip 2 –

     Zip 3 –

     Zip 4 –

Ok…now that you’ve got my part, continue down the blog train for many more free goodies. Here’s the links to all of the participating designers…

Amber LaBau
Andrea – MemoriesByScraps   <<<<You are here>>>>
Brooke & Joni
By God’s Design
Carol R
Crazy Diamond
Kathy Goldstein
Lioness3 Legacies
Lori Imel
Lori J
Michelle Blagg
Nancy Schmidt
Scrappy Cat
Virginia Higgins


3 New Layouts April 26, 2008

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I have been scrappin’ away these past few days.  I’m glad though cause I’ve really missed it.  I’ve just been so busy and sick all winter…haven’t had the time or energy to sit here long enough to make much.  But, luckily, I’ve been back into it.  Miranda is playing in the floor learning to crawl and get around.  She is even trying to pull herself up on stuff and that worries me, lol.  I’m not ready to watch her get hurt.  She came so close to busting her little mouth the day before yesterday cause she stood herself up at the coffee table and her legs went out from under her before I could get to her.  She hit the floor pretty hard but she didn’t cry.  And luckily she didn’t hit her face on her way down.  I know she has to learn just like Marie and Katie did but I can’t help but worry.  I’m just a mommy and I don’t want my babies to get hurt.  Here are my 3 newest layouts.  If you want to see them in my Digital Freebies gallery with the layout credits I have the links below the layouts. 

Miranda’s 1st Easter

Layout Credits

Be Yourself

Layout Credits

My Husband ~ Edward

Layout Credits

Thanks for lookin!!! 


Some Scrappin’ Freebies April 25, 2008

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I had these freebies up in my store but it has since closed so I put them up on 4 shared so I could still share them.  Most of these are Christmas items.  I want to eventually put all of my stuff on 4 shared so as I add stuff I’ll post them here.  For now I have 4 freebies to share.  Drop me a comment if ya can…I love hearing from people 🙂  So…on to the freebies…

Freebie #1 – Christmas Frame

Pick up the Christmas Frame here

Freebie #2 – All Wrapped Up Add-on

Grab the All Wrapped Up Add-on here

Freebie #3 – Glittery Christmas Papers

Grab these papers here

And Freebie #4 – Doggie Stickers

Pick up these stickers here

Happy Scrappin’!!!


My 2 Newest Layouts April 24, 2008

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I’ve made two layouts of Miranda.  One is of her biting my finger (yes, it hurt too, lol) and one is of her getting sick last week.  It’s something how they can get so sick so fast and already be better.  But thanks to tons of prayers and faith my baby is better.  I took her to the doctor this morning for another check-up and Dr. Patel said this illness was all finished “for now”.  I don’t like that last part of that sentence but I’m glad my baby is better.  She said that it could start back but she doesn’t think it will.  I have to watch her for fever, bruise looking spots appearing, painful cry, and any signs of blood in her diaper or spit up.  I can’t give her any medications because if it was a medication that sarted this, a medication could aggravate it.  The nurse that discharged her from the hospital said I could give her Tylenol BUT that if I take her pain away and calm her I might mask something that needs further attention.  Makes sense to me!  It’s just very stressful to know that it could possibly happen again.  I thought my baby was dying.  The nurses didn’t even know if she was going to be ok or not.  None of the nurse that came into her room knew anything about Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura.  Her doctor said it usually isn’t a huge issue, but where she was so young and swelling and bleeding so badly not to mention her painful scream…she admitted that even she herself was really conserned about Miranda.  Thank you Lord!!! For taking care of my baby and helping her get through it.  OK, I’ll try to quit rambling now…and post my layouts.  I’m just still a nervous wreck over the whole tramatic experience.  Here’s the layout of her asleep in the hospital with an IV and the places on her legs…

Layout credits for Poor Baby can be found here

And here the one where she bit me…painful…but funny 🙂

Layout Credits for Enter At Your Own Risk can be found here


Hello, Welcome to my blog! April 20, 2008

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I decided to give word press a try since I got tired of trying to change my template at Blogger and it keeps giving me crazy error messages.  Of course, lol, I may be doing something wrong but I followed the directions and still couldn’t get anywhere with it.  So here I am.  A little about me…hmmm…well, I’ve been married to my husband, Edward, for almost 7 years and we have 3 beautiful daughters ages 6, 4 and 8 months.  I absolutely love digital scrapbooking and designing.  One day my babies will looks back on my scrapbook layouts and cherish them.  I also love photography, even though I still have a LOT to learn about the subject.  I just basically point and shoot with my digital camera and then edit my pictures with photoshop.  I’m getting ready to start college to get an Associate degree in Information Systems Technology.  I’m really excited about getting back into school.  I was a nursing student when I found out my baby was on the way and I’ve decided that’s just too dangerous and time consuming for me.  I like computers a LOT more than poking and proding at people anyway, lol.  I’m a pretty easy going, down-to-earth person.  At least I try to be 🙂